Let me come with you. What a moon there is tonight!
The moon is kind – it won’t show
that my hair turned white. The moon
will turn my hair to gold again. You wouldn’t understand.
Let me come with you…
When there’s a moon the shadows in the house grow larger,
invisible hands draw the curtains,
a ghostly finger writes forgotten words in the dust
on the piano – I don’t want to hear them. Hush.
from “Moonlight Sonata”

Yiannis Ritsos was born in Monemvasia in 1909. He is one of the famous and internationally acknowledged Greek poets, as many of his works have been translated and successfully published in many languages. He published more than one hundred poetic collections, as well as some novels, plays and translations. He belonged to the Communist Party of Greece and his strong political identity is reflected in his works.

“Moonlight Sonata” (1956)

This poem marks the start of a new era for Ritsos’ poetry and the Greek poetic standards in general. In this poem, memories, agonies and deep emotions come back to the surface reflecting the ideological confusion and reclassification of the Greek left, where Ritsos belongs ideologically and politically. The poet underlines the importance of redefining his identity within the changing world. It remains one of his most famous poems.

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