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Greece is full of untranslatable concepts. What follows is an alphabet’s worth of these indigenous phenomena. From E for Evil Eye to K for Kamaki to Z for Zorba these entries introduce the newcomer to aspects of contemporary Greek culture which are not immediately obvious. Of course this kaleidoscope of incongruous items is only one of many possible collections. The various writers who have contributed to this alphabet are not set on fixing Greece’s cultural topography, on the contrary, each — whether linguist, anthropologist or journalist — is interested in tapping the shifting assumptions that go into making myths and shaping cultural identity. Sometimes humorous, sometimes serious, these entries map out another Greece, as important as the Greece already represented by region in the previous section. As a dictionary or as a set of social commentaries, use these pages as you please.


Van Dyck, Karen
Dragournis, Mark
Cowan, Jane
Ricks, Katy
Stewart, Charles
Mazower, Mark
Vlavianos, Haris
Zinovieff, Sofka
Mackridge, Peter
Stenzel, Samantha
Rushton, Lucy

Download the full pdf here: InsightGreeceGuide_CulturalDictionary.pdf


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